Those of us at Beautiful Surface envision it becoming a platform for artistic progression.

Ultimately, we hope to make this happen through three separate avenues.  First and foremost, we are focused on identifying the most talented, innovative, and exciting artists working today.  These may be artists who have already achieved a certain amount of commercial success, while others will be relatively unknown.  Once we identify these artists, we plan on promoting them like crazy through a variety of methods.  In an ideal world, we would love for these artists to become household names because we firmly believe that their work has the potential to enrich people’s lives.  Second, we hope to provide resources, motivation, and encouragement to the next generation of artists.  It’s sad to think that there are amazing artists out there whose work will never be widely appreciated because, let’s face it; the art world can be a very brutal and unforgiving place at times.  If we can, even in a small way, make this mountain a bit easier to climb, then our efforts will have been worth it.  And finally, we want to recognize those out there who are already fighting the fight, whether they be charities, educators, or volunteers.  For it is people and organizations like these that are truly safeguarding the importance of art for the future.

The future of art matters deeply to all of us involved with Beautiful Surface.  In our minds, it’s not enough to maintain the status quo regarding visual arts around the world.  We want it to grow, develop, and constantly reinvent itself.  If this happens, not only will art remain relevant, but it will become an even more important part of our lives.