Alyssa Monks

It’s an honor to present the first featured artist on Beautiful Surface.  Her name is Alyssa Monks, a painter in Brooklyn, New York.  Much of her work matter consists of female faces and figures seen through and at times pressed against steam-covered class, while others are partially submerged in water or a similar liquid.  The women in the paintings often stare directly at the viewer, making you feel as if you are not only observing, but also a participant in a very private and personal moment.  While she paints in a realistic manner, the use of these filters (glass, water, and steam), distorts the images to the point that they take on an abstract quality.  I believe that this adds an amazing depth and complexity to the images, something that is not always present in photo-realistic painting.

I hope you enjoy the images I’ve included in this post.  Alyssa is truly talented and I intend to feature her many times in the future.  Make sure to visit her site to see more of her work.

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