Denise Nestor

Denise Nestor is an illustrator and artist living and working in Dublin.  She uses a variety of mediums in her work but I believe that some of her strongest pieces are her portrait drawings in pencil. They are delicate and sensitive, while at the same full of narrative and intrigue. I get the sense that she has a deep personal connection with the figures in her drawings.  At the same time, there’s something about her work that I’m sure many would relate to.  It is subtle, and doesn’t try to hit the viewer over the head with color, composition, or subject matter.  Instead, she uses line in a very immediate and powerful way to effectively and directly convey her message.  I think that the open and airy compositions are very inviting and let the viewer  get lost for a while, allowing them to fill in the gaps on their own. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I do.

To see more of Denise’s work, visit her site at

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