Beautiful Surface welcomes submissions as long as it is appropriate, amazing, and in-line with the rest of the work and vision of the site.

All we ask is that you follow several guidelines:

1. Be sure your submissions are sent to
2. Include a brief and basic description of your work and please attach a few relevant images, at least 700px wide. File size is not an issue, so feel free to send big pics.
3. Please do not send Zip files, DOCs, RARs, or PDFs.
4. If you have a website with more of your work, please include the URL.

You will receive an automatic response if your submission is successfully received. So, if you receive this response, please do not resubmit. Every submission will be considered, but due to the large volume of submissions we receive on a weekly basis, we may not be able to respond personally.

While we clearly can’t include everyone on the site, we applaud all of those with enough guts to try.